Published in The News-Dispatch of Michigan City, IN & The Herald-Argus of La Porte, IN

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's position is said to be on the line as President Trump has threatened to end all press briefings due to his job performance and in all truth, Trump's general hostility towards the news media. Spicer's own angry, belittling presentation style has become fodder for comedians and forming the character "Spicey," played by Melissa McCarthy, on Saturday Night Live (which has to be the most hilarious character I've seen on the show in years). From that standpoint, I hope he keeps his job.  Also, for the sake of presidential accountability to the American people, represented by the free press, I hope there continues to be White House press briefings. Trump's day-to-day flip-flopping and crazy-train antics deserve criticism.


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